Raw Materials

Raw Materials

The fundamental raw materials that go into the manufacturing of the GRP pipes and fittings are:

Fiber glass

The fiber glass serve the purpose of the providing the mechanical strength to the pipe. The different types of fiber glass used are E-Glass, C-Glass and ECR-Glass. The fiber glass is used in different forms such as woven roving, chopped strand mat (CSM) and surface veil.


The different types of resins used are Isophthalic, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy depending on the extent of chemical properties required for the final product.

Auxiliary raw materials

Other raw materials like catalyst, accelerators, inhibitors, aggregates and pigments are used together with resin and glass reinforcements to achieve the desired properties of the fiber glass product. Catalyst is an organic compound which when added to resin in presence of an accelerator determines the polymerization reaction at ambient temperature. Accelerator is a chemical compound used together with a catalyst to shorten the polymerization time. Inhibitor is added to the resin to reduce its reactivity at ambient temperature. Silica Sand is also used as an aggregate during the winding process to increase Stiffness in certain cases.

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