Pre Insulated Pipes

Pre insulated pipes also called as insulated pipes or bonding pipes are used to maintain the temperature of the fluid in these pipes. Smithline offers insulated pipe systems for both heating and cooling networks. These pipes are mainly used for district heating networks, , bio energy gas plants, residential connections, and district cooling networks. District heating is a scheme for distributing heat generated in a centralized location for commercial and residential heating requirement. The pre insulated pipes from Smithline are manufactured with strict adherence to all the quality criteria. They are flexible, reliable, modern and above all cost effective. Our pre insulated pipes ensure long service life, are light weight, highly flexible, and can efficiently transport a variety of liquids and it can be easily installed anywhere even round the corners because of its flexibility. The network can be installed and handled promptly and powerfully in the most complex on site conditions. Smithline has now gained name as one of the leading manufacturers all over UAE & other GCC countries for pre insulated piping systems for both district heating and district cooling. A pre-insulated GRP pipe consists of a GRP core pipe (also called carrier pipe) and a GRP jacket pipe (also called casing pipe) with polyurethane foam filled in the space between the pipes. Insulation provides the primary thermal resistance and prevents heat loss in chilled water systems. These pipes are mostly used in various District Cooling Projects to distribute chilled water from the central source to various users.

The major highlights of pre insulated tapes are its durability and flexibility. Smithline's highly tough corrosive resistant GRE pipes is the matter of choice while transporting high temperature fluids at high pressure especially in plant process piping, oil and gas flow lines and off-shore applications. Our pre insulate pipes are manufactured with high precision and they consist of a steel pipe, an insulating layer and an outer casing. Direct heat transfer between pipes and their supports can also be prevented by using insulated pipe supports.

The main applications of GRE pipes are in power plants, water desalination plants,thrust boring , valve chambers, water transmission, pumping chambers, chemical and petrochemical industry, effluent water, manhole liners, storm water systems etc. Majority of insulated pipes we offer are given as coils in the maximum length for your project. Fewer underground joints are needed and installation is more simple compared to rigid pipes and they can dramatically reduce the time taken.

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