Smithline Reinforced Composites has its own engineering department designated to cater to various engineering design aspects of Pipeline systems.

3D Pipeline Drawings

Isometric drawings are created using AUTOCAD and the Bill of Quantities of Pipes and Fittings are generated from it. Spool Drawings are further produced to provide ease in pre-fabrication. 3D Pipeline drawings add depth to the line drawings and give a clearer picture of the pipeline system.

Stress Analysis

Stress Analysis is conducted on pipeline systems both above ground and underground using CEASER II software. Through this program we can determine the stresses, loads and deflections at different points of the pipeline system.

Surge Analysis

Surge Analysis is used to understand pressure surges, hydraulic transient forces and the water hammer in multi-branched pipeline systems. This is done using PIPENET software. We can also design thrust blocks, valve chambers and different supports by means of this software.

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